Michael’s Stories

The Meeting

My mom was standing in the basement with the hostess of the party and some of her friends that had come early. As the party began getting underway, a group of guys came down and my mom spotted one guy that she was determined to talk to. Later on in the night the man came up to her and said, “Hi my name’s Bob Kaelin, how do you like me so far?” They talked the rest of the night and when it was time for my mom to leave she gave the hostess her number telling her, “Give that guy my number if he asks for it, but even if he doesn’t, give it to him anyways.” My dad asked for it.

The Collision

In 1989, Robert Joseph Kaelin Jr., my dad, was playing softball for his work team. He was playing left-center field when a ball was hit in the gap between himself and the left fielder. Both of them were running hard and were leaning over, while running, to catch the ball when the left fielder ran head first into my dad’s cheek and shattered his cheek bone. My dad did not pass out from the impact but said that it felt like he got hit by a bat.

The Bat Boy

My grandpa was a bat boy for the St. Louis Cardinals from 1936 to around 1940. In 1966, the Cardinals were hosting the All Star game at Busch Stadium. My grandpa still had some connections with the team so he was able to get himself and my dad into and get a tour of the locker room, sit in the dugout during an old timers game before the All Star game. My dad was able to meet and get pictures with legends like Satchel Paige, Bob Gibson, and Mickey Mantle.

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