The Performance: October 30, 2015

Origins: Discovering Self Identity is a devised theatre piece, which means that it was created, with facilitation, from the stories and materials of the performers. Nick, Colin, Michael, Courtney, Dan, Brittany, Jack, Fatima and Jorge started the semester with varying degrees of familiarity with family histories, forebears and their stories. Within a few weeks, by exploring family artifacts, interviewing parents and grandparents, gathering photographs, raising new questions and writing, they all had developed a sense of their origins going back at least 2 generations (in some cases, much farther back). The performers bring their own personal connection to the stories they tell of their ancestors: stories of love, of loss, of violence, kindness, betrayal, laughter and joy.images-1

This event is FREE and open to the public. Due to limited seating, reservations can be made at:

Co-sponsored by: Regis College Office of the Academic Dean, Regis University Mission, Regis College Center for Service Learning, Regis College Department of Communication, Regis College Department of History and Politics, Regis College Department of English and Regis University Diversity, Engagement and Inclusion

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